Journey Around the World



About Us


We (Angel Mislan and Mireya Mislan) retired and embarked on our Journey Around the World (JAW) on February 2008. We planned JAW for eight years and after our journey began our expectations were exceeded. We exchanged our sedentary (nonmigratory) life style for a nomad one to fully embrace our JAW. Our home is wherever our base camp lies and for the amount of time we want to use it. This journey will provide us with the experience and wisdom that comes from meeting and sharing with wise and magnificent people around our planet and the natural and manmade wonders that it has to offer. It is through this interaction that we’ll rediscover ourselves. Our JAW is an open-ended one with a dynamic itinerary that takes us through the Americas, Australia, Asia, Europe, and Africa.


We enjoy traveling and sharing our outstanding experience with others. We invite you to become virtual nomad travelers around the world through our website if you so desire.