Journey Around the World


Food for Life


During a walk in the fall of 2014 in Toscana, Italy, as I drifted through the lovely woods getting farther and farther away from the 16th Century Farmhouse where I was living, my heart was joyful and playful. I listen to the birds singing and the wind blowing. Felt the fresh and cool air of fall going through my body. Nature was talking and I was listening. As I strolled along, I found myself in a field covered with grape vines. The same ones had astonished me when they were full of grapes almost ready for the harvest, sometime previously. This time around, the grapes didn?t catch my attention. It was the vine that was telling me something so I paid attention shutting down my mind and opening my heart and spirit. The message was clear; it showed me how its life resembles to mine.


In my evolution through life, I resemble a vine of grapes. In the Spring, I start growing the sprouts of grapes which are beautiful as the smile and innocence of a child. As I evolve and the Summer comes along, I become a young adult that shows its beauty through its physique and sense of adventure into the unknown just as delightful as the bunch of grapes hanging from the vine. Then comes the Fall, the grapes wrinkle and dry up; a shift in the appeal occurs towards the magnificent colors of its leaves, which signal that the winter is approaching. It is at this stage when my splendor also swings towards a charm that stems from my wisdom as I have lived through the lessons of life. The Winter closes the cycle where the vine appears to be dead but really has gone into hibernation just to return again in the Spring as I do when my body functions cease and my energy moves to another phase to digest and synthesize what has happened during this cycle of life, which will return again in the Spring to continue my evolution through life's lessons. This cycle will repeat itself until I fully understand "Who am I?" at which point I'll be fully enlightened.


28 October 2014



It has been a little over six years that Mireya and I embarked in a Journey Around the World on February 2008, as nomads. Up to the present, it has taken us mainly to Puerto Rico, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Canada, Spain, Bulgaria, and Greece. We have lived in these countries for a time that range between several days to over a year. On each anniversary of this trip, we assess our journey and decide whether we want to continue. The decision has been affirmative, and the desire to continue has grown stronger. What have we discovered that makes us feel this way?


It has been an exciting journey; one that has provided us a run of a life time. We have received more than what we bargained for. Each of us has learned a lot about oneself and realized that we're just scratching the surface. Each person, we have entered in contact with, have taught us something and we have shared with the person in the teaching process. Through our travel, we have learned to focus more on our present interactions and activities than our past and/or future. It has helped us live in the present with all its richness and wisdom. Our interactions with people from all walks of life and nationalities have provided us a wealth of knowledge on life. Lots of people see our international nomad lifestyle desirable but their attachment to their sedentary lifestyle is so strong and the uncertainty of a significant change in their life as they know it so threatening that most people decide to stay in their comfort zone.


In my opinion, the reality is that a person can grow and learn about themselves in any type of life style. The most important ingredient, as I see it, is to be willing to learn and to get to know yourself. As the saying goes, "When the student is ready, the teacher shows up". Once the willingness to learn is in place, you will find yourself engaged in learning and teaching experiences in which you will do the learning and teaching as well as the other person. Each one of us is a student and a teacher at the same time. This process will take place through the whole spectrum of communication processes. In these type of engagements, we have discovered the power of the saying "Actions speak louder than words". We have been surprised and impressed of what people say and do once they see us doing and learning from what we love, which some consider out of their reach.


The people of this world are extraordinary as an individual and/or collective entity, whether we realize it or not. Our planet in which we travel through the universe is amazing, and it is up to each one of us to take care of it. I believe that as each one of us evolves and get to know oneself, the misery and suffering will disappear since we'll find out that everything we need is within ourselves.


The forces of the universe want to work with you so that you can achieve your life's goal if you're willing to let it happen. LIFE is the best school there is and you can take advantage of it at no extra cost.


21 April 2014